Jake McMurchie

I’m a musician and composer.

I play the saxophone. I’m an improvisor who primarily works within the jazz world. I have an interest in effects pedals and electronics, and an increasing interest in Ableton and MAX for Live.

“If there were a prize for forming bands with instantly distinctive sounds, Bristol-based saxophonist Jake McMurchie would surely carry it off”

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I’m a website designer and developer.

I design and build websites using HTML5 and CSS, PHP and MySQL, javascript and jQuery, and pull all these together with WordPress.

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I live in Bristol

I was born in south-east London, but have lived most of my life in Bristol, in the United Kingdom. I went to Henbury School and have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University. I’m married, have two teenage children and a dog. I occasionally play football, badly.

Musician and composer

“If there were a prize for forming bands with instantly distinctive sounds, Bristol-based saxophonist Jake McMurchie would surely carry it off. As a key driving force behind the award-winning quartet Get The Blessing, McMurchie has moved from bass-groove to live-wire industrial loopy without dropping a beat.”
London Jazz News

“Where has he been? … a very, very good saxophonist. Very original, very passionate… a very sexy sound.”
Radio 3 Jazz Line-up

“…the inventive McMurchie, his sensual tone falling somewhere between early Sonny Rollins and Pink-Panther tenorist Plas Johnson, was a revelation.”
London Evening Standard

Michelson Morley

Featuring Mark Whitlam on drums and electronics, Will Harris on bass and Dan Messore on guitar, Michelson Morley released “Aether Drift” on the F-IRE Presents label on 28th April 2014.

The band and its album had excellent reviews:

“… the sparse textures and nu-groove-with-loops aspects link to post-rock aesthetic as much as they do contemporary UK jazz … more than good enough to get the blessing from Jazzwise.” Jazzwise Magazine ****
“liberating flexibilities of time and space certainly characterise McMurchie’s fine first album as a composer/leader” The Guardian
“There is really nothing like it, especially by a saxophonist … a testament to the extraordinary cohesion of the three musicians.” Listomania

Get The Blessing

Previously named The Blessing, the band I share with Pete Judge, Jim Barr and Clive Deamer. “… the heavyweights of the contemporary jazz scene.” The Independent

GTB’s debut album All Is Yes won Album of the Year 2008 in the BBC Jazz Awards. Bugs In Amber was released in May 2009, in March 2012 we released OCDC on Naim Records, followed by Lope And Antilope in January 2014. October 2015 saw the release of our 5th record Astronautilus, also on Naim Records.

Other projects

I have my own acoustic quartet featuring Riaan Vosloo, Dan Waldman and Matt Brown, I play with the Greg Cordez Quintet, Sophie Stockham’s Sefrial, and with Nick Malcolm’s Jade. I have played with Portishead, Massive Attack, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and with the great Portuguese singer Fernando Tordo at the National Theatre in Lisbon.

Past projects include What Four and Ultrasound. What Four had a long-standing involvement with Yehudi Menuhin’s outreach organisation “Live Music Now!” and did many concerts and projects throughout the UK.

Website design and development

  • www.gmfreeze.org A redesign and conversion to WordPress for this excellent campaigning organisation
  • www.globalforestcoalition.org Primary website for the Global Forest Coalition, available in 3 languages
  • www.worldeconomicsassociation.org A network of sites to support the World Economics Association (WEA), an alternative to the modern economic orthodoxy
  • www.aef.org.uk News and information site for the Aviation Environment Federation
  • et.worldeconomicsassociation.org Part of the WEA network is the journal Economic Thought. This website was built using Twitter Bootstrap and the publishing system was built as a WordPress child theme with custom post-types and work-flow suitable for academic publishing
  • www.threecanewhale.com Multi-instrumental, acoustic, nu-folk trio featuring Pete Judge, Alex Vann and Paul Bradley
  • www.michelsonmorley.com my trio/quartet
  • www.thepassionofjoanofarc.com Ground-breaking soundtrack for this masterpiece of silent cinema by Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Will Gregory (Goldfrapp)